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In keeping with the growing consciousness of the need to combine divers disciplines and divers perspectives in order to address complex social problems, Robinson Orozco Associates brings together knowledge and experience in participatory, community-based approaches to sustainable development.  In our work, in diverse settings such as Bangladesh, Colombia, Gambia, Ghana and Kenya, we try to ensure that material progress is in harmony both with social progress and with the needs of environmental preservation.

Development is about more than material advances.  For us, development is the unlocking of human potential, at the level of the individual, at the level of the community and at the level of the entire community of humankind.  It is intimately linked, therefore, with building capacity at all of these levels.  It is achieved through meaningful consultation and dialogue and through unity of thought and action.  It draws upon key human values, such as equity and justice, the spirit of service to one's fellow human being, equality of the sexes, and the love of beauty and diversity.  Love of beauty and diversity, for example, is a value which helps to link the human being with his or her natural environment.  These values reach down to the core of human motivation, and therefore any development efforts that ignore them ignore a powerful force for human advancement.

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